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Thank you in advance as any help for little that it might seem is welcome.

After the end of the validity period, the certificate is no longer considered an acceptable or usable credential.

This page describes the process: Updating an SSL Certificate for a Load Balancer Note that the private and public key files you copy and paste there have to be in RSA format.

This web page describes how to convert your files to that format if needed: AWS Load Balancer SSL limitations After all that, the browser immediately displays the new certificate.

SSL is a cryptographic protocol that provides end-to-end encryption and integrity for all web requests.

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The SSL data is encrypted with the server's public key, which is available through the server's certificate. Because the Net Scaler appliance offloads SSL transactions from the server, the server's certificate and private key must be present on the appliance, and the certificate must be paired with its corresponding private key.Hi, Did anybody get a scheduled maintenance notification from Service Now about them updating their SSL certificate and how it may or may not effect our instance? If yes, how are you ensuring that your instance is not getting affected. Naturally, this threw an error that the cert was expired when people tried to log in from a web browser, and stopped email traffic in and out on mobile devices.I have since updated and installed the renewed certificate, and confirmed that the web interface is working properly, but mobile devices (both android and iphone) are refusing to send or receive emails. Can anyone point me in the right direction so I can minimize the amount of time it takes to correct this? Is there a way I can somehow "uncache" the certificate, or otherwise get a browser to display the new expiration date so I can tell if it's all working? There's no proxy being used in this case though, so I'm still at a loss.