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Excel chart not updating in powerpoint 2016

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I have been given the job to update a powerpoint which has about 100 charts in it that link to a single (very large) excel spreadsheet. I took screen shots of the edit links box after I ran the macro to show you what I am seeing. I do it by going to excel, clicking on the chart, copying, then pasting it into the powerpoint slide. Screenshot: Edit Yours is showing Type: Excel Worksheet Without being able to get it to show me the same thing it's tricky to develop somethign to fix it.At present these links refer to an old version of the excel file in a specific file locations. If I were trying to do it I would use this logic: read the whole name into a whole String find the position of the open square bracket in whole String copy everything upto and including the square bracket into a new variable, start String find the position of the close square bracket in whole String copy the close square bracket and everything after it into end String then concatenate the parts with: whole String = start String & Excel File & end String You may have to play with Excel File to get it to just give you just the filename without the full path - possibly with yet another variable, say Excel File Short Good luck, and Merry Christmas.You might use the same chart in multiple documents and presentations in G Suite.But if that chart changes, it can be very time-consuming to replace it in each and every file.This article about Microsoft’s new Waterfall Chart in Excel 2016 was written by Kasper Langmann, co-founder with Mikkel Sciegienny of Spreadsheeto, a relative newcomer to the Excel blogosphere.

This is done via the steps described in Changing the document being exported to.

The only way I can get the update link function to work is to rename the latest version of the excel spreadsheet as its old name and put in the old file location before I open the powerpoint. I ran into a similar problem and this is the best I could come up with. You have to use the entire with block below for every chart. Auto Update = pp Update Option Manual End With End If End With End Sub Example... paste link using Excel 2003 so that might be where the disconnect lies.

As all the charts update from the same excel spreadsheet I would like to be able to update the file name and location for all the links at the same time. You can find the name of the shape in powerpoint by going to Home -- Selection Pane. Get Open Filename(, , "Select Excel File") 'Update Slide 2 charts With Active Presentation. I appreciate the advice, I have tried variations of that with limited success (in all honesty no success).

As long as you maintain the link by keeping the Excel and Power Point files in their original locations, updates to the Excel data will automatically be reflected in the Excel chart within the Excel workbook and in the chart on the Power Point slide.

If you embed the chart, you are placing the entire Excel file – not just the chart – in the Power Point file.