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Initially, the use of aligners was restricted to treating minor orthodontic cases only,[1] but the improvement in aligner manufacturing in the last five years has allowed us to use aligners in a variety of malocclusion situations today.[2] Recently, successful outcomes have been reported with aligner treatment for more complex malocclusion.[3] In the following article, I present three such cases from my private practice.
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The "Concessions and Agreements of the Proprietors, Freeholders, and Inhabitants of West Jersey, in America" were signed March 3, 1676/7.

1 Recent Provincial Synods on Papal Infallibility, . Every other authority will pale beside the living oracle on the Tiber, which speaks with plenary inspiration, and can always be appealed to. 2 Innocent in., in order to exhibit the Papal power in the fullest splendour of its divine omnipotence, invented the new doctrine that the spiritual bond which unites a bishop to his diocese is firmer and more indissoluble than the " carnal " bond, as he called it, between man and wife, and that God alone can loose it, viz., translate a bishop from one see to another. It is not addressed to the Fran ciscan Order only, but to the schools (i.e., universities) and the whole Church. One of the most comprehensive, dogmatic documents ever issued by a Pope is the decree of Eugenius iv.

Joseph and Margaret Jones were my great great grandparents.

Their daughter Margaret married Charles Goodman Roberts, my great grandparents, whose son Owen John Roberts married Sarah Michell Jenkins.

Their daughter Jean Roberts married William Owen Davies and are my parents.

Read here about the fascinating Jones Cae Merddyn family. I was contacted by Ancestry that there is a record of an Owen Jones born in Anglesey in 1791 with a wife Jane also born in Anglesey in 1788. Owen Jones had 1son Joseph ( not listed with them). They married and in 1851, were living at Bryn Cowton, Llangoed with Joseph's uncle Owen Owens, and his wife Margaret.